Benefits of pizza

The Hungry Twins

Given that yesterday was all about yeast, we decided to have homemade pizza for dinner.  We were a bit short on toppings, but leftover sausages from lunch came to the rescue!  An experimental blend of cheeses also proved to be unbeatable.  I’m not sure I’ve seen the Hungry Twins eat so well.

What was even more magical was the fact that the floor count was essentially zero! Well, there was one piece of pizza on the floor at the end of the meal, but only one.  I can’t recall another time when that has happened.  What is a floor count?  Quite simply, it is the number of food items that end up tossed, dropped or accidentally knocked on the floor by the Hungry Twins.  Most meals that are received well result in a floor count of between 10 and 15 (combined effort of the twins).  Thank goodness we have three…

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