Decadently Delicious and Dairy Free. Potato and Leek Soup With Croutons and Chives

The Paddington Foodie


Potato and leek. A classic soup combination. This particular version is thick and creamy. Decadently delicious. Seemingly sinful but completely dairy free.  Always a bonus in my books. Particularly as the weather gets cooler and we indulge in a little more comforting eating than we perhaps should.

I like my potato and leek soup to look pale and interesting. So I’m always particularly careful to not to let the leeks, onion and garlic colour as they cook.  There is no way around it. This requires a vigilant eye and vigorous stirring. Hand torn croutons give a pretty rustic finish to any bowl of soup. I tear day old slices of ciabatta into chunks, drizzle with olive oil and bake. The deep and satisfying crunch of  the crisp  croutons contrasts wonderfully against the soft, smooth texture of the rich, creamy soup.Is there anything more inviting on a  crisp Autumn evening than a bowl of  decadently…

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