Billionaire Bolognese – The Richest Bolognese Ragu

Mustard With Mutton

Ultimate Bolognese SauceSpaghetti Bolognese has been embraced the world over and it would be rare to find a household that didn’t eat this meal on a regular basis. Which means that most people have grown up eating some version or other of this sauce. So it’s no surprise that everyone also has their own methods and tips for making bolognese. Normally everyones favourite spag bol (which is the term fondly used here in Australia for spaghetti bolognaise) is the one their mother made. The version we had growing up was made with minced lamb, lots of caramelised onions and laced with a hint of turmeric. Nonnas the world over will be throwing their arms up in dismay that anyone could consider this a version of a ragu bolognese. But that’s the beauty of this dish – the traditional recipe has been reinvented so many times that people feel very comfortable adding, changing…

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