Pronghorn Antelope Bolognese Sauce

Like Write on Rice

I bet you’re wondering why I labeled this blog post this way.  Well, it’s because I’m attempting to be as accurate as possible when labeling this recipe.  Instead of a traditional ground pork, and ground beef combo for this Bolognese sauce, a little “Nevada” has been added to it.  That’s right, pronghorn antelope sausage, killed, dressed, and processed into sausage by my father’s own two hands (and a Kitchen Aide).

My father is also the genius behind this unique Bolognese sauce.  My mom and dad took a trip last fall to Italy.  During their stay, they ate the most delicious Bolognese sauce in Positano, Italy on the Amalfi Coast and my mom wanted to try to replicate it when they returned home.  So she and I researched different sauce recipes and finally settled on a recipe we thought “sounded” close to what she had eaten while in Italy.  We made…

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