Interview Questions and Answers


Hello and welcome to my “Interview” page where I post my personal answers or guidelines to answering common interviewing questions. Note that these are my personal answers, based on my qualifications, skills and qualities that I believe (BELIEVE!!!!) I have. I try my best to follow the suggested answers provided by experienced trainers but I believe (BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!) that I make more mistakes than an average human does. So, if you’re willing to give me a little of your time to give me constructive criticisms, I’d be more than happy to receive them and improve myself as well as anyone else who finds this page helpful.

Moreover, the questions of the interview can be found in the links I’ll be posting up in the ‘Reference’ section. Hope you find them helpful as they do to me. Also, I regard this section of my blog to be an ongoing learning process so there’ll be lots of updates in terms of additions of new questions as well as edits in the existing ones. Lastly, I’ll be arranging this section to contain 5 questions per page. Hope you have a pleasant reading and thank you (for being beautifuuulll)!


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