Part 1

Part I

1)    Tell us about yourself.

  • Strengths
  • Qualifications, good work habits
  • Show qualities from relevant hobbies and interests.
  • Illustrate with example.

My name is Nur Arina Bt Faizal. I’m 20 years old and I’ll be graduating from UMT with a degree in Maritime Technology. I’m an independent and hardworking person who will strive to finish any given tasks to the best of my abilities. My studies in UMT had helped me gain confidence and learn the importance of completing a task with my best effort.  I’m also confident in my abilities to interact and cooperate with many diverse people. Moreover, my interest in reading about a new skill or knowledge shows that I’m very enthusiastic about continuous learning and this drives me to work hard especially when I’m working under pressure. Hence, I believe this will give me an added advantage in any working environment.

2)    What are your strengths?


My main strength is being independent. By being able to work alone, I can take initiative on what kind of task I need to do without being told beforehand. Furthermore, I am decisive in which I am able to be level-headed and make clear-cut decisions under pressure. I stand by my decision and accept the responsibilities that come with it. Lastly, I am very cooperative when working in a team. I will always volunteer myself to help in any way that I can to do my part in the team.

3)    What are your weaknesses?

I’m not very partial to numbers or in other words, dealing with complex mathematics. However, since I’m well aware of this weakness, I always put more effort in practising in mathematics as much as possible. I am also not particularly talented in public speaking unless I have adequate time for preparations beforehand. However, I learn to practice my speaking, be it in Malay or English, on a daily basis with my friends and colleagues.

4)    Why should I hire you?

My experience in handling many workloads had helped me cultivate my time management skill as well as being self-driven to complete any given tasks with great confidence and efficiency. I also attended many seminars and training programs to equip myself with the necessary skills for the long run. I strive to improve myself continuously so that I can contribute in this company in terms of productivity and providing fresh ideas.

5)    How do you handle pressure and stress?

Sometimes pressure and stress are what drive me to complete a given task but other times, when the stress pile up to an unbearable point, I would force myself to take a short break and do something that will calm my nerves down. For instance, take a few deep relaxing breaths and read one or two interesting stories. To clear my mind from the overwhelming burden and be more level-headed once I continue where I left off.


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