Part 2

Part II

1)    Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

  • Illustrate your drive and commitment

In 5 or 10 years, I would like to see myself having more experience in the working field and a better understanding of this industry. Furthermore, I would like to be the type to be able to interact with people of many backgrounds efficiently as well as be fully equipped with more skills than I currently have. I believe I will continue to thrive to improve myself at any point in the future and this will greatly benefit me and the company as a whole.


2)    What is your greatest failure, and what did you learn from it?

  • Focus on a small but significant mishap and how it has made you a better professional.

During my studies in UMT, I was elected to take charge of a project for a course called, “Fluid Mechanics”. My lack of experience in leadership as well as interpersonal communications skills had caused a downfall in the class project; the marks for my colleagues in that class had to be submitted past the deadline and that affected the performance of the class as a whole. However, I’ve learnt from this mishap to not take lightly of communications and interpersonal skills. Thus, I motivated myself to improve those skills by taking the relevant courses such as Public Speaking and Interpersonal Skills as well as participated in programs held by community clubs in UMT.


3)    What motivates you?


I would say my motivation is when a great job has been completed due to the dynamic teamwork of fellow colleagues. The satisfaction of finishing a task by cooperating with one another will easily boost my morale to work harder and more efficiently as it is known that working as a team can be challenging when the team lacks the right coordinations and understandings between one another. Yet, it is exactly this kind of obstacle that pushes me to fully utilise everything I’ve learnt about people skills.


4)    Could you share with us, why do you choose to major in this field?


Yes, of course. I (am about to) have a degree in Maritime Technology and my major is Maritime Technology with an emphasis on ship technology. This field involves a combination of the most basic maritime subjects which include Maritime Management, Seamanship and Navigations, Naval Architecture, Principle of Stability of a Ship, Ship Engine as well as several basic engineering courses such as Thermodynamic, Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics and Strength of Materials. Also, the one thing that I enjoy in this field is observing the completion of a ship built from scratch or even when the ship becomes fully repaired from damages. Besides, I’ve always read that this nation’s maritime industry in terms of its technologies is behind a few decades compared to other major maritime nation like Norway and Germany. So, I would like to make a difference and change that perspective.


5)    What kind of work environment do you prefer?


I am confident in my abilities to work independently and work with other colleagues in a team. If I were to be assigned an individual assignment, I would try my best to take initiative to make my working environment conducive as well as do my task diligently. However, if I encounter any sort of problem while doing my job, I won’t hesitate to ask for help from a more experienced colleague. Same goes for when I work in a group, I will volunteer myself to help the group to produce the best result of the highest quality and form a dynamic bond in the group so as to maintain the excellent rate of productivity.



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