Part 3

Part III

1)    What is your hobby/interest?

My hobby is reading tutorials on various life skills and reading interesting facts about various subjects such as food, animals and world culture and history. I enjoy learning about a new skill that I can develop with time so I always have something to train myself with during my free time. I believe we are constantly undergoing some kind of learning process throughout our lives and so, we keep on improving ourselves. Thus, I am always on the lookout for any relevant and interesting training programs or courses which will help me improve.

2)    How do you can contribute to our company as a fresh graduate?

  • Admit you lack exp
  • Qualities, skills, expertise
  • State relevant courses and how those knowledge can give possible contributions

I have learnt a lot about the maritime field through the courses I’ve taken in UMT such as Maritime Management, Marine Fluid Power, Seamanship and Navigations. Therefore, I am certain that these basic knowledge coupled with my fresh enthusiasm as a graduate can be a great attribute in the workplace. With this additional knowledge, I can assist in giving new ideas and increase the productivity in the company.

3)    Why do you want to join the company?

  • Tell them something witty what you know about the company especially about the opportunities that comes surface from the company.
  • Mention reasonable and not very materialistic reasons such as;

–          Working environment or culture

–          Competition among workers

–          Opportunity for working in a team.


4) Why do you want to join this company?

– State what you know about the company

– State the success/opportunities that can be found in the company

First of all, the business the company is in involves the maritime field. This company offers many up-to-date technologies and services that are relevant to my specialized field. What I like most about the this company is its continuous success in expanding its business to other states of Malaysia as well as over international waters. This success is no doubt to be the work of many creative, innovative and efficient people working in this establishment. So I look forward to a chance to work with these highly intelligent people and learn from them.

5) What kind of activities have you participated in UMT?

-State activities/programs that shows your qualities

– State how those qualities will contribute to the company

During my time in UMT, I have participated in numerous seminars and training programs such as ‘Organizational Management Course’ and ‘Safety is Ship Management’. These programs had helped me cultivate my communication and managerial skills. I have also learnt the proper procedures and protocols in handling and organizing an event. I believe that with these acquired skills and qualities, I can help contribute to the company by being a team player and continuously improving myself by equipping more skills that can be useful for the company.


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